Welcome to PhotoHutch!

For nearly twenty years, I was a businessman; climbing corporate ladders trying to achieve some level of success. I relished the challenges of turning around struggling enterprises; laying out the strategies and action plans required for improvement. I was pretty good at it, good enough to reach many of the career goals I had set for myself.
But something was lacking and I felt It was time for me to step out of the corporate world and try something completely different, something that provided plenty of challenges and personal rewards. As I've always loved nature and birding and was an advanced amateur photographer, I decided that would be a good place to start a new career.
Much of my portfolio attempts to convey my love and appreciation for nature, as I've tried to capture the beauty and spirit of each subject. My success ultimately lies in the eyes of the viewer of course, but I have been relatively successful in competitions, including winning the North American Nature Photographers Association's inaugural Showcase Competition in 2005.

More recently, thanks to the arrival of my daughter, I've turned my camera towards people. It's not that I love nature any less, simply photographing people provides enough challenge to keep me excited and enables me to spend more time at home with my daughter, watching her grow and learn. Instead of capturing the beauty of a place or the spirit of an animal, I am enjoying the challenge of capturing the essence of a person with a click of a shutter.
I hope you enjoy the different galleries and my continually evolving work.
Thanks and Best Regards,